Vinnitsa greets its guests from Europe in a beautiful and tasty way

Евро 2012

Euro 2012  has come already to Ukraine – to Kyiv, Lviv , Kharkiv and Donetsk . About 1 million tourists will visit our country . But none of our foreign guests will be beguiled with football exclusively . City tours, trips to castles , hiking , visiting exclusive restaurants and cafes – that’s what fans will also be interested in during the European championship .Tour operators , tour guides and agencies will actively work to realize all that . What do they offer ? First of all – a visit  to Vinnitsa !

Vinnitsa: from the airport to the fountain.

Reaching the gem of Podillya tourists might resort to using both buses and planes . After  June 11, the  Vinnitsa Airport  will start working. During the football matches It will accommodate aircrafts designated for carrying passengers on its parking lots. From here you can get to other countries : Montenegro, Croatia , Italy and Russia . These flights will be activated immediately after the opening of the airport .

Where to go for our guests ? Any tour guide will point out at the main attraction of the city – the fountain ” Roshen” . It was set off last year and its image attracts tourists from all over Europe . It’s the one and only  in Ukraine and Europe’s largest musical floating fountain. This miraculous fountain is located on the Southern Bug River , occupying 140 meters of the river, with the pressure running up to 60 meters in height. Thrilling spectacle combined with music and water, of course , is the best to watch in the evening. “Roshen” is a true musical theater on the water, where  there is a fascinated show  created with the help of projectors , colored lasers and unmatched classical music. Fountain ” Roshen” for its special effects became a serious competitor to the famous fountain in Dubai. Henceforth, all the romantic hearts and souls will stream to Vinnitsa !

From the fountain  to  the ” Tiflis ” restaurant!

No romance can be imagined without  romantic dinner , lunch or breakfast ! We all known the following saying very well:   the way to the heart of a beloved one is lying through his stomach … . Therefore, Vinnitsa can fascinate you not only  with a fountain, but also with its hospitality and exquisite cuisine. Without trying all national Ukrainian delicacies , a tourist should not go home, without tasting  Georgian dishes at the restaurant ” Tiflis ” he cant go to the fountain!!!!

” Tiflis ” is a unique oasis of Georgian culture in Vinnitsa . The entire interior of the restaurant is in the style of an old Georgian town, and that’s basically what the town was called after. This cozy and colorful restful place reminds you of an ancient Georgian village with stone houses , carved wooden decor , old black and white photographs of Georgian families and valuable antiques . Here you are surrounded by the atmosphere of home coziness and comfort, obtaining pleasure from a sincere and  friendly conversation . This is the place where besides filling and delicious cuisine , you will be offered  all the depth of Georgian culture , its customs and national character.

You will have all the unique world of Georgia at your feet when entering the restaurant ” Tiflis “, where every visitor is greeted by a cheerful Georgian doorman who assists you in selecting the best place for a meal and gives a first impression of unforgettable Georgian hospitality.

The soul of ancient Georgian town lies in the variety of exquisite dishes of the restaurant ” Tiflis “, masterfully and lovingly prepared according to the ancient Georgian recipes . Traditional , authentic Georgian dishes , their unique flavors that spread over the entire restaurant , will not only satisfy your hunger , but will also open  Georgia  for you from the inside. These  are Georgian khachapuri,  suluguni , spicy soup kharcho , juicy and spicy kebab, which will take  you  right to the heart of Georgia . Unmatched Georgian wines will add to this culinary ” journey ”  some  sophistication and expression .

In ” Tiflis ”  European cuisine is also available . Being here , you can always contact your friends and relatives through wi-fi- connection . So, this summer, each guest in Vinnitsa besides  memorable football experiences, will be enriched by the most delicious memories of Vinnitsa  hospitality in a Georgian manner