The wholesomeness of peanuts


Peanuts are considered to be the most consumed nuts. You can buy it everywhere. This product has a high nutritional value. A Handful of nuts is enough to cover the daily requirement of protein intake. Peanuts are also called earthly nuts and they belong to the legume family . First cultivated in Peru. Delicious fruit quickly spread to other countries. Today peanuts are used in the food industry, medicine and cosmetology. Nuts can be eaten raw. They are also made delicious dishes with. That’s where amazing peanut butter comes from. Peanut is present in the world of sweets also, in candies, cookies, cakes. Other Peanuts are served as appetizers and garnishes to dishes . There is popularity increasing for salty nuts , fried in oil and packaged in sealed packages. Peanuts are often used as a major component in nut mixtures. The cost of peanuts is much lower than the cost of cashews, walnuts or Brazilian nuts, for instance.


Useful qualities of peanuts

Natural plant foods gives maximum advantage to a man . Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and vegetative oil. They have a lot of protein, potassium , phosphorus, iron and copper. Peanuts contain vitamins D, A, PP, B1 and B2 . It has folic acid, polyphenol , carbohydrates , and biotin . Nuts have no cholesterol. Peanut are recommended for gastritis , peptic ulcer disease , potency and nervous system problems. It improves attention and memory. Active substances of such nuts help to cure heart and blood vessels diseases. Peanuts protect the body from free radicals. Nuts hold phytosterols which slow down the growth of tumors . Tasty nuts have amino acids called tryptophan which converts into serotonin (the hormone of joy ) in our body . For this reason, peanuts must be included in your diet for tackling depression and stress.

How to consume peanuts

Peanuts are considered to be very nutritious . Therefore, it is necessary to eat small portions. Overeating leads to obesity. Raw nuts can cause digestive problems . Pindar is often the cause of allergies. It is not recommended for gout , arthritis and arthrosis . If the nuts are not stored properly, they get covered with mold fungus and would exude dangerous toxins . Proper storage assume special regime. Nuts require low humidity. If we roast peanuts, then the vitamins get destroyed.