Outstanding Dancing Fountain – Another Wonder of the World It Is Inside the Top Ten World Most Spectacular Fountains

Have you already heard that the number of world wonders increased?

Welcome to Vinnitsa! 

Vinnytsya "Roshen" fontain


No excursion around Vinnitsa can pass without visiting this widely known place. There is nothing more romantic than walking in the quiet summer evening in the city streets, admiring the beauty of the fountain that fascinates everyone who sees it.

This is how Vinnitsa welcomes you – with the fountain that has already become its visiting card. It was built not a long time ago, but within this short period of time it has become very popular among the Vinnitsa citizens and guests of the city. Seeing it once, you will never forget it.

The Vinnitsa fountain is officially called the biggest fountain in Europe, and is recognized as a unique hydrotechnical construction in the world. The local citizens call it Roshen. Now it is a symbol of the confectionery plant and a sweet element of the city.

The height of the central stream reaches almost 70 meters, and the size of projection screen is 16×45 m. The fountain itself stands on a floating platform of 100 meters length.

The dance of the water streams is performed by 70 pumps that take water from the Southern Bug River. Over 500 of underwater lamps and multiple lasers create the light effects.

Such an outstanding and fascinating laser show can be watched every evening in the Vinnitsa esplanade.

It is very easy to find the fountain in Vinnitsa, as it is located on the riverbank drive beside the Museum of Kotsyubynsky, building of the Roshenconfectionery plant and legendary Georgian Tiflis restaurant that is worthy of your special attention.

This place became the most popular destination for couples in love. Romantic mood created by the fountain atmosphere urges people to take serious actions and helps them to make responsible decisions. If you want to hear the precious “Yes” from your beloved one, the city of Vinnitsa is ready to offer the necessary surrounding to you.

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The unforgettable impression of the fountain will be perfectly complemented by the popular Georgian restaurant called Tiflis, which can be considered the real masterpiece of Vinnitsa.

The cozy interior of the place will make you forget all your problems and plunge into original culture of the Georgian people. In here you will receive real esthetic joy and taste delicious dishes.

Romantic evenings, noisy feasts and business lunches – you can get all of this and even more in the Tiflis restaurant.

The level of restaurant service is above all praise.

The range of outstanding dishes from the chef will pleasantly surprise you with its diversity and richness: juicy shashlyk, traditional khachapuri, kharcho-soup, and fresh suluguni will not leave indifferent even the most capricious gourmet. The choice of meat and fish dressings will fascinate you with a variety of sauces of original production prepared by unique technology kept in secret. Meat with such a sauce just melts in your mouth.

You can also find the European cuisine in the menu that is no worse than the Georgian dishes by quality. Our chefs are really the best, as you can see.

For a long time already Georgia has been famous due to wine production of different sorts. Tiflis restaurant is the true heaven for devotees of this drink. The list of all the sorts and brands that you can find in the restaurant is so long that you are sure to find exactly what you want. Our attentive waiters will help you pretaste the wine and make the right choice. You are sure to receive a lot of attention from your waiter right from the moment you enter the restaurant.

Vinnitsa warmly welcomes the guests and does its best to make the time you spend here the most pleasant and unforgettable.