Harmful and beneficial properties of date-plums

хурма миниатюра

With the first breath of cold weather there comes a bright orange and sweet fruit to store counters, called date-plum. Having a gentle and slightly astringent taste date-plum contains numerous vitamins and mineral substances useful for our bodies. Chemical composition of date-plums Incorporating a large amount of potassium, magnesium and carotene, date-plums do not concede

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How to cook hot chocolate

Горячий Шоколад миниатюра

It is very important to receive a portion of warmth each winter and not only from the beloved one. Hurrying back home after a hard working day, it is so pleasant to know that there is something delightful waiting for you back there. Warm and sweet drinks are a perfect rescue from the cold. They

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In vino veritas

Вино минииатюра

Beverage called wine is incredibly popular and is getting more popular with every passing day. There are red, white, table, dry, semisweet, ordinary, branded and collection wines. Their range is so huge making it difficult for us to single out just one. If despite it all you want to pamper yourself and your friends with

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Favorite chocolate – excellent healer


Your favorite chocolate is an excellent doctor. Sweet and tasty chocolate can be bought without prescription at the nearest shop. The quantity isn’t limited, price category – low, a taste choice – at will! But the capabilities of the favorite dainty are many faceted. Chocolate, this skillful doctor will relieve many unpleasant symptoms without injections

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120 years of an active life or how oats can be useful for


That’s exactly how old a French doctor Jean de- S. Catherine lived to be, who 3 times a year for two weeks took his own oat concoction for preventive measures. Just for a comparison – life expectancy in France back in time (400 years ago) would be about 45 years. If you heard about healthy

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5 Steps to well-being and good mood

Хорошее настроение

Women unlike men pay much more attention to the externals!!! Looking attractive and seductive is their mission and vital credo!!! To maintain great physical shape and psychological comfort they are ready for any sacrifices. To ravish men and jaundice their female rival’s women can do the following: Exhaust themselves with diets Wear out themselves in

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The benefits and dangers of vegetarianism


There are two types of vegetarianism — the pure vegetarianism forbidding all products of an animal origin, and slaughter free vegetarianism , allowing dairy food and honey. Vegetable food is the basis of diet of all vegetarians, it contains vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, sea cabbage, sorrel, haricot, nuts, etc. Leonardo da Vinci, Newton, Byron, Voltaire, Bernard

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The wholesomeness of peanuts


Peanuts are considered to be the most consumed nuts. You can buy it everywhere. This product has a high nutritional value. A Handful of nuts is enough to cover the daily requirement of protein intake. Peanuts are also called earthly nuts and they belong to the legume family . First cultivated in Peru. Delicious fruit

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Benefits and Harm from watermellons


Those lucky enough to visit Japan , will be able to taste a local invention – square watermelons. These unusual berries are grown in special glass boxes that correspond exactly to the size of sections of friges in Japan. Due to this fact, watermelons are very convenient to store , but frankly saying the product

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How does your body respond to gluten?


Have you ever experienced pain in the central part of the abdomen, bloating, headaches, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, nervousness, hair loss,  joint pain, anemia and other health troubles for no apparent reason? If so, it may well be that your body can not digest certain types of gluten, and it is desirable to avoid

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