In vino veritas

вино1Beverage called wine is incredibly popular and is getting more popular with every passing day. There are red, white, table, dry, semisweet, ordinary, branded and collection wines. Their range is so huge making it difficult for us to single out just one. If despite it all you want to pamper yourself and your friends with good quality wine, you need to memorize a couple of rules you will refer to when choosing wine.


First off, you need to decide where the purchase will take place. If you are concerned about the quality of the beverage you are going to buy, you need to buy it straight from the specialty shop. Good news, there are plenty of those. And the risk to buy bad wine is minimal. Besides, normally in wine supermarkets, shops and cellars you can taste wines, this way you will avoid buying a pig in a poke.

In specialty shops they usually follow the rules of wine storage. Since hardly anybody knows that wine should be stored in a horizontal position at low temperatures. By adhering to following rules beverage will retain its taste.


When buying wine examine carefully its bottle and cork. Good wine is never poured in carton boxes. Wine sold in carton boxes is lowest quality one suitable exclusively for making sauces and marinades. Good quality wines are poured in glass bottles. You should pay special attention to the cork. It can be both wooden and plastic. Many wineries have been using plastic corks for quite some time now since this material doesn’t influence either smell or taste of the wine. The cork shouldn’t have any leakage, shouldn’t be dried up nor have any other damages. It should tightly adjoin to the bottle neck not letting air in, because if the air gets in, wine will get spoiled by becoming sour.


When choosing wine, one has to pay attention to the price. Good quality European wine can not be cheap. Chilean or Argentinean wine will cost less; nevertheless, it doesn’t taste bad. There is no guarantee that a super pricy wine will taste like a drink of gods. Such wines have a huge variety of flavors that will be appreciated accordingly by connoisseurs and professionals. So don’t get surprised if a couple hundred dollar wine will turn out to be too sour or tart, all depends on the brand of wine.

Wines should be served cooled, especially it relates to white wines. These wines are perfect for spring-summer period; they are soft and gentle and quench thirst brilliantly.

For fall and winter it is better to pick up red or pink wine. And the last thing that a wine admirer has to memorize is that food and wine you serve with it should match perfectly. Drink has to supplement dish tastes. For instance, fish and poultry mix excellently with soft white wine whereas pork and lamb can’t stand lightness. These dishes are usually accompanied with strong red wines. Light appetizers like fruit mix very well with semi sweet red and semi sweet white wines.

Choose wines correctly since you are worthy of the best!!!