How to cook hot chocolate


It is very important to receive a portion of warmth each winter and not only from the beloved one. Hurrying back home after a hard working day, it is so pleasant to know that there is something delightful waiting for you back there. Warm and sweet drinks are a perfect rescue from the cold. They not only charge a person with a great mood but also have unbelievable aroma that warms up your soul!! One of such beverages is loved by all hot chocolate.

Meet your beloved one back at home with this desert, take a seat next to the TV, cover yourselves with blankets, and just enjoy that wonderful taste!!!!It’s well known that chocolate is supremely wholesome, it betters your memory and improves concentration of attention. And will keep you out of blues as well!!!

Despite the fact Slavic people don’t drink hot chocolate that often, it’s been there from immemorial times. Before they did it this way: at first they properly fried cocoa beans and after crushing them, mixed with water. It was customary as well to put in a pinch of pepper or chilly, which would change the taste of the drink, keeping it as healthy though.

Presently the recipe of hot chocolate has become rather simple. You don’t need anymore to collect cocoa beans and contrive to roast and crush them. Cocoa can be bought at absolutely any shop in powder. Though real hot chocolate is made not of cocoa powder. Instead of cocoa powder take a chocolate bar of dark bitter chocolate since milky one is less wholesome. It is important to have a high percentage of cocoa present in the composition of the chocolate. Don’t save on the chocolate otherwise you won’t obtain the desired result.

To get a truly tasty drink, everything has to be done by rules. Therefore first of all, put the purchased chocolate bar in the refrigerator. After it becomes rigid, break it into small pieces, at the same time warm up some milk and place the broken pieces of chocolate in there. Don’t leave the stove before the chocolate dissolves completely, stirring the content all the time, till you get a homogeneous mass. Watch for the lumps, they don’t have to be there. Quite often after the preparation one can add cornmeal to make the drink denser. Though be careful here, since cornmeal can cause lumps, consequently it’s better to mix it with a few table spoons of milk before putting in the pan.

Also the recipe can be altered according to your desire. For example, some people prefer to melt a chocolate bar in whipped cream instead of milk. Such a recipe is good to go as well, making the drink dense without adding any cornmeal.

You can’t serve the hot chocolate right away; give it 10-15 minutes to be drawn. It will give it a rich taste, plus the guests won’t burn their lips.

One is allowed to put any additives he wants. Some people before boiling put in an egg yolk. The others slice up fruit and dip in the chocolate sauce.


There are a few most known and referred to recipes of hot chocolate.

Preparation of chocolate drink with cinnamon. Besides bitter chocolate bar and milk we need the above mentioned cinnamon. You heat up milk and whipped cream till the boiling point and afterwards put in crushed cinnamon sticks. And in this case you add chocolate after the mix has been drawn.

Hot chocolate with banana. There is a banana in the recipe besides milk, chocolate and cinnamon. It needs to be cut up in small pieces and along with chocolate put in the warmed-up milk. Shake up the concoction and sprinkle it with ground cinnamon.

Latte with chocolate: this recipe will be highly estimated by coffee fans. Before the preparation, one has to make espresso. Chocolate is to be added after you pour coffee in your milk. You can sprinkle it with vanilla sugar to your liking.

The Brazilian hot chocolate differs in tart taste which hardly anybody can evaluate to its merit but makes people go crazy about it!!!
Make a little of strong coffee, at the same time mix chocolate pieces with water until they get dissolved in it, and only after you can pour in milk, carefully and slowly stirring your concoction. Afterwards you put coffee and sugar in the drink and keep it some more minutes on a slow fire.

We do recommend you to experiment with chili pepper. Perhaps, you will like this new slightly bitter taste and get accustomed so to make hot chocolate on a regular basis. Think up new recipes and indulge your loved ones with this divine beverage.