Harmful and beneficial properties of date-plums

хурма 1With the first breath of cold weather there comes a bright orange and sweet fruit to store counters, called date-plum. Having a gentle and slightly astringent taste date-plum contains numerous vitamins and mineral substances useful for our bodies.

Chemical composition of date-plums

Incorporating a large amount of potassium, magnesium and carotene, date-plums do not concede to figs, apples or grapes on the amount of their effective properties. A, C, P vitamins increase the immunity and the elasticity of the blood vessels’ walls.
Fructose and glucose instantly satisfy hunger in a harmless way. Calcium, magnesium, atrium and iron strengthen bones, gently cleanse kidneys, wash out salts, and raise blood hemoglobin level. Date-plums have an antioxidant effect just like green tea.

What’s the use of date-plums?

1. Date-plums contain pectin necessary for intestinal disorders
2. Makes it easier to cure cold and cough if we use the date-plum juice dissolved in water for rinsing.
3. Our working capacity, vital energy and appetite increase due to the monosaccharides which are a part of date-plums
4. This fruit is an excellent sedative for the nervous system at stressful situations.
5. It is as important for the thyroid gland as it contains a large amount of iodine.
6. In case of a disease of a urinary system, in particular when taking diuretics, one can combine date-plums and apples to complete the reserves of potassium.

What harm it may cause

This fruit is unlikely to be in the category of harmful products. Though when eating it, one has to remember it can have a diuretic effect which is better to avoid at exacerbations of uric system diseases. Also date-plums contain a large amount of glucose, contraindicative for people sick with diabetes. However, if you do not overeat, you can avoid the consequences. Unripe fruit is dangerous for those who’ve just had surgeries and people suffering from gastrointestinal tract diseases. Just like flour unripe date-plum would stick together pieces of digested food causing a bowel obstruction.

Хурма 2


Everybody knows that while being pregnant any woman goes through numerous inconveniences. And that includes puffiness, vitamin and mineral substances deficiency, problems with skin. Date-plums take care of the above mentioned issues and on top of that participate in the growth of foetus, replenishing calcium reserves and washing the waste out of our body. However a feeding mother should handle this fruit with care since it can cause allergic reactions to her child.

Date-plum influence on the body

Since date-plums have astringent properties, they are absolutely contraindicative for children under 3 years of age. First off, they can cause allergic reactions, secondly, bowel obstructions. You can incorporate this fruit into your child’s diet starting with small portions from the age of 3 and up
Women love this orange fruit. The peel and the pulp of a date-plum contain a very small quantity of calories which doesn’t influence figure at all whereas antioxidants fight against the aging of skin. Nutritionists recommend skip a meal and replace it with date-plums. And if you wish to get rid of a great deal of kilos, you would have to replace all the meals with date-plums. Since date-plums are stuffed with vitamins and microelements, they quickly satiate the body without harming it, unless you have any chronic diseases. You shouldn’t diet this way more frequently than one week in a month.