Favorite chocolate – excellent healer

shokolad_2Your favorite chocolate is an excellent doctor. Sweet and tasty chocolate can be bought without prescription at the nearest shop. The quantity isn’t limited, price category – low, a taste choice – at will! But the capabilities of the favorite dainty are many faceted. Chocolate, this skillful doctor will relieve many unpleasant symptoms without injections and pills. So what can it handle? What can it do?

Frees from depressions

Chocolate increases the level of happiness hormone called serotonin. When there is enough amount of this hormone, depression is ousted. Your gloomy mood dissipates just like the chocolate melting in your mouth. You experience euphoria as if you were in love.

It will instantly improve your mood

Theobromine present in the chocolate will raise you on the wings of delight in a fraction of a second. A bar of sweet delight gives laughter and smiles, positive emotions and optimism. Knock off indifference and nasty mood!!!!

Rescues from strokes and heart attacks

Flavonoids as an ingredient of sweets normalizing the work of blood platelets and not allowing them to form any blood clots. Scientist professor Karl Kean produced proof that a few slices of chocolate should become a norm for prevention of cardiovascular illnesses. Chocolate positively influences the walls of blood vessels, strengthening them and reducing the risk of their further narrowing. Even hypertensive patients shouldn’t be afraid of chocolate since it contains 7 times less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

Increase the attraction between the lovers

World most known aphrodisiac will make your date matchless!!! Hearts of lovers get ignited with some unbelievable feelings. They get crushed by the wave of attraction. The eyes in front of you become unusually charming. Its no wonder a man presents his beloved woman with chocolates, while she enjoys the pleasant taste, sweets spin the networks of seduction.

Will make you more clever

Cocoa powder along with cocoa oil contain mineral substances that improve the operability of brain cells. Therefore when it’s necessary to concentrate and give out maximum of ingenuity and creativity, chocolate is a first aid kit!!!!!Students and entrants as well as people of creative professions boost their brains with slices of dark or milky chocolate.

Will help you become more beautiful

Magnesium, phosphorus and calcium that chocolate consists of, tighten skin and clear it from within, intensifying metabolic processes and even rejuvenating the whole body! Antioxidants free the body cells from toxins. Such youth therapy is carried out both internally and externally. For decades beauty salons have been offering chocolate wrappings and masks.

Will preserve your smile

It is known that sugar isn’t really beneficial to the health of teeth. But chocolate is another matter! It contains thiamine whose antibacterial properties prevent tooth enamel from caries. Fluorine and phosphorus are there for the ideal smile! Consequently you will be visiting the dentist less often!

Won’t spoil your figure

Girls and women fear sweets as they think it will spoil their gracious figures. But this is delusion!!! Chocolate satisfies hunger in an excellent way thus you won’t feel like stuffing your stomach with greasy and fattening food. There is even a special chocolate diet allowing women lose excessive kilos.

Chocolate has soft temper and lovely character. It’s unbelievably pleasant to taste its advice!!!! So get your advice and be healthy!! It’s wholesome and surely tasty.