Benefits and Harm from watermellons


Those lucky enough to visit Japan , will be able to taste a local invention – square watermelons. These unusual berries are grown in special glass boxes that correspond exactly to the size of sections of friges in Japan. Due to this fact, watermelons are very convenient to store , but frankly saying the product is not cheap. American breeders managed to create mini watermelons whose size do not exceed the orange. In addition to these benefits they don’t have seeds either. It is better than a large watermelon , and most importantly juicier and sweeter . Now how do you find these fruits and which kind is the most delicious?


There are more than a thousand kinds of watermelons in the world . Most familiar to the Russian consumer are Astrakhan and Uzbeki . But soon they will proudly contest watermelons grown in the suburbs of Moscow. According to amateur gardeners , the main secret of growing watermelons – is the right care , attention and patience because watermelon ripens in 82 days after planting. And what if it is picked ahead of time and now is being sold as ripe ? Prematurely ripened watermelons often contain large amounts of nitrates, which then, unfortunately , accumulate in our body. It leads to chronic and acute intoxications . Talking about children , it is very important because children’s bodies very actively collect and very badly flush out nitrates.


There is one simple way to find out whether you can eat watermelon . For that you need to grind a slice of watermelon in a glass of warm water . At the same time painted pink water would indicate that the content of harmful substances in such a watermelon exceeds all acceptable norms . This watermelon in any case can not be eaten . If the water just became dull , then the watermelon is okay. But its not worth carrying out such experiments in flea markets just like you shouldn’t ask the seller to cut out a small triangle of watermelon. First of all , it’s unhygienic , besides this piece can cause food poisoning. If you doubt the quality of the product , better examine documents and trade license. For example, registration of trade site or sanitary-epidemiological conclusion .


High concentration of sugar and fiber in watermelon is good for the thyroid gland. As we know this organ is responsible for the metabolism of the human body, and if you have a desire to lose a few extra pounds , you should heed the recommendations of nutritionists. You should eat watermelons throughout the day . Or you can eat watermelon bran, combining bran and watermelon until the evening. Normally you should’t do such a procedure more often than once in two weeks .
Experts say that the most wholesome and sweetest watermelons are late ones . They are available at the end of August, so do not rush to try first berries.Premature fruit is neither wholesome nor tasty.