120 years of an active life or how oats can be useful for

That’s exactly how old a French doctor Jean de- S. Catherine lived to be, who 3 times a year for two weeks took his own oat concoction for preventive measures. Just for a comparison – life expectancy in France back in time (400 years ago) would be about 45 years. If you heard about healthy food, you must have more than once promised yourself to eat porridge in the morning. And also to find a little shop where it is possible to buy wheat, buckwheat and oats to grow at home. What, you haven’t bought it yet!!!! What a pity!!!

Natural chemistry

oatEven if by hearsay you know about healthy food, of course, you can tell a couple of words how healthy are porridge from cereals sprouted wheat. And as far as the oat is concerned hardly anybody can say anything interesting. Now this grain unfairly stays in the background of other more known cereals. And that’s a great pity, since the efficiency of this cereal having both therapeutic and preventive effect has a chemical explanation. . By the way in Latin “oats” means “to be healthy”. Oats boldly compete with wheat in terms of qualitative and quantitative content of microelements (calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, fluorine, silicon, selenium, chrome, iron, iodine) Oats is as rich in vitamins: Е, K, H, A, PP, widely presented B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B9. On top of that there are essential (methionine, lysine) fatty amino acids, beta glucan, cellulose. All this is mixed and balanced in a perfect way impossible to replicate by a laboratory.

What a pity that you didn’t know earlier what oats is useful for

1604491It isn’t surprising that this unique natural composition has not less unique effect on a human body. Oats equally with wheat manifests its ability to contribute to longevity, all due to the fact it’s a great antioxidant.
As scientists state, aging is an oxidation went out of control. The number of free radicals in cells increases because of poor eating, adverse ecology and stresses consequently the overall balance of an organism deviates towards oxidation. However oats, this former weed, has a large number of antioxidants which initially block the formation of free radicals in the cells of our body. We can surely say that porridge creates in our body an optimum condition for acid-base balance, as a result preventing it from aging. Therefore eating oats on the regular basis ensures your life to be active, conscious and creative.

Porridge for beauties

ovsyankaBeautiful and clever young ladies have always known that real beauty doesn’t come from the beauty industry. Healthy and youthful, fresh looking skin with a natural blush on it comes in the first place from the healthy digestive tract and a proper stomach functioning. Oats comes here on the first place after wheat. Oat meals and kisses boost the work of intestinal tract and normalize metabolism, forming a thin film in the stomach which promotes digestion. Besides, eating oats on a regular basis is an easy and safe way to detoxicate your body , exempting it from salts and heavy metals. As you saw earlier, oat meal contains almost all B vitamins. Which greatly influence the condition of your hair, skin and nails? So oat meal breakfast can become your beauty secret.

Off to the shop to buy oats!!!

2801893We only shared a faction with you about the value of oats. This versatile cereal keeps you wondering all the time!!! Oats reduces sugar level in blood and can cure alcoholism. Boosts one’s sight and fights caries, helps to recover from difficult surgeries and strengthens immunity. Besides, oats meal is a great dietary product since it promotes weight loss and metabolic processes normalization.
The Chinese, Tibetan and Russian traditional medicine treat oats with great respect and contain a large number of medical recipes on its basis. Oat meals, kissels, oat extracts would do well as well as sprouted oats which is even more preferable. Don’t forget about healthy diet and incorporate oats into your meal. And also figure out where it is possible to purchase wheat and oats to grow at home. Since being armed with these cereals 120 years of life is not a limit!!!!